Why do I get HTTP-Errors when starting an optimization?

  • Ensure you are using the correct URL in the correct format
  • Date of planning is in the past, it must be in the future
  • All time_windows needs to be in the future (e.g. Delivery Time Window)
  • Make sure you add a UTC timezone to each time indication
  • No vehicles available

Please see for further information: 4. Optimizing Routes

Where do I find a example how my data should look like?

I use the same fleet for each planning. Do I need to send these vehicles with every request?

  • There are two possibilities
    1. The fleet is managed in your own Master Data tool (e.g. TMS System). Then the entire fleet which needs to be
    considered must be send for each planning (recommended option).
    2. The fleet is stored and managed in the Smartlane interface. You can use our GUI and API to manage your fleet.
    Then the fleet will be considered automatically for each planning. Please ensure that all vehicles are activated
    for the corresponding planning process.

How to manage your vehicles via Smartlane API please see: Vehicle

How long does it take till my optimization is finished?

  • This depends on the amount of orders and active vehicles. The duration is defined individually for each instance and will be set up from your Smartlane contact person. Our goal is to provide the best possible result within the fastest possible time according to your data. For detailed questions please ask your Smartlane contact person.

How can I check the status of my current optimization?

  • As soon as your optimization is started you will receive a process_id. This process_id you can use to check the current status.

Please see for further information: Process status (id)

Why are some orders dropped?

  • Time window’s to close? According to the distance from Stop A to B it is not possible for the vehicle tor reach the destination within the defined time window.

  • Amount of load capacity from orders higher then the load capacity from the available vehicles.

  • Too many constraints for orders and too less possible vehicles:

    • ADR
    • Liftgate
    • Capacities
    • Territories
    • Invalid address/ Geo-coding fails

How can I distinguish between Pick-Ups and Deliveries?

  • Use a mathematical operator for each load

  • negative operator → Deliveries

  • positive operator → Pick-Ups

  • Make sure that all three loads for each delivery are using the same operator.

Not all of my vehicles are used?

  • Make sure that the vehicle "custom_id" is unique for each vehicle.

  • Vehicles are assigned to specific territories but no shipment is open in the corresponding territory.

How do I assign vehicles to one or more territories?

  • Make sure the parameter “obeys_territory_mapping” is set to "true" for the corresponding vehicle.
    • If it is set to "true" the allowed territories can be defined via "territory_custom_ids".
    • If it is set to "false" the vehicle is not related to any territory and is allowed to drive in all territories.

Please find the mentioned parameter and further information here: Vehicle

Where do I find an overview of all possible paramters I can use for my shipments?

For a full overview please see: Delivery