The Smartlane API is the perfect path to solving transport optimization problems and provides various tools to manage and analyze your transport processes.

This tutorial gives an introduction to the Smartlane API. For a detailed description of all API endpoints, check out the API reference. If you're just interested in using our frontend, please consult the Tutorial for the Webapp.

First of all, you need to Sign Up and check if you are able to connect to our API.
We will give you step by step guidance how to use our API:

  1. Sign Up and get started
  2. How to manage addresses and geo-locations
  3. How to setup deliveries and its time windows
  4. Start to optimize routes

We also provide an API specification according to Swagger/OpenAPI-Specification, which you can use to program our API directly in your language of choice.

For further information about our product, please don't hesitate to write to [email protected] or for technical questions to [email protected].